Camping Hautes Alpes » Qui Sommes-nous ?

Who are we?

Hervé and Arnaud, two brothers with a love of the mountains and nature, left their jobs in industry to buy the campsite in 2009.

Our story and the campsite

Coming from the northern Alps, we were immediately seduced by the wild beauty of the Buëch and Dévoluy, the clear skies and the sun 300 days a year! When we bought the campsite, we made choices in line with our ideals that we want to share.
Our independence allows us to free ourselves from the rules imposed by the campsite chains and to welcome our guests in a different way. This includes, for example, personal attention to bookings, personalised advice during your stay and non-stereotypical activities (discovering beaver dams, puppet-making workshops, etc.).
Having travelled and lived abroad (USA, England, Vietnam, Hong Kong…), we have learned to appreciate the welcome given to tourists in different places. And it’s always by putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes that we think about how to run Les Rives du Lac. As of 2019, Hervé has decided to become a carpenter (in Gap) and Arnaud will continue to develop the campsite along the same lines.

Working in an environmentally friendly way

The restaurant is now run by Nga, to the delight of customers who love her Vietnamese, French and Thai cuisine! Nga worked in various international companies in Vietnam before settling in Veynes to devote herself to her passion. Don’t hesitate to ask him for a few chillies with your dish… but at your own risk!

Activities with local Partners

To avoid disappointing children, activities are free of charge:

  • Play areas
  • Sports facilities
  • Mini golf
  • Baby feet, wooden games, etc.
  • Aquapark on the lake

Above all, we wanted to offer children timeless moments organised with local farms, mountain guides or artists.
For example, we offer evenings under the stars in the Hautes Alpes, walks to discover beaver dams, chamois watching and puppet-making workshops!
And because we love sharing moments and exceptional places, we go cycling, hiking and mountain biking with our clients several times a week.

Services and an application to make your stay easier

We wanted to implement tools to make your holiday easier.
For example, you can order your bread – artisan bread, of course – or Luc’s organic vegetables simply by using the campsite app on your smartphone! Technology for a local, ecological service!
You can also use the app to book activities, follow walking, cycling and sightseeing routes, choose the best restaurants…
And, of course, the reception team is available for any further information you may need, from 8am to 7pm in summer!


The restaurant is now run by Nga, much to the delight of our customers who love his Vietnamese, French and Thai cuisine!
You won’t be able to resist the Bo Bun Nems, the Japanese curry and the lemongrass bourguignon. Curious and demanding, Nga has also trained in Italian cuisine and now offers real Neapolitan pizzas… made with organic flour from the Hautes-Alpes!
Nga worked for several international companies in Vietnam before settling in Veynes to pursue her passion. Don’t hesitate to ask her to add some chilli peppers to your dish… but at your own risk!